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new year, new gear

Welcome to a new year and a few Pedalworks updates: First, I want to thank everyone, old friends and new, for the generous support during our inaugural first months. Your support really helped us though a challenging last-half of the year, and we really appreciate your trust and business. We are looking forward to a fun and exciting year!

To prepare for a busy season we took some time last year and made some updates to the van to offer better service. Part of this was just rearranging the shop interior to better suit services, and in addition we installed insulation, walls, and better ventilation for hot summer days. We also installed solar panels and better power options to run our compressor, charge batteries, and run the new ventilation fan in addition to power for lights. Finally some upgrades to the shop includes better storage, and a more versatile work-stand-clamp made just down the Columbia River by Efficient Velo Tools in Washougal, WA.

We added a few new services late last year including direct-to-customer bicycle order fulfilment with over 20 bike brands including e-bikes, and adding to our list as a service provider several bike brands including Alchemy, Lectric e-Bikes, and Rad Power Bikes. Our continued goal is to be your local resource for bicycle and e-bike services.

Finally, life always seems to throw some curve-balls and we appreciate our customers patience and support and we navigate life and a continue to bring the bike shop to you.

We look forward to the new year and have some exciting things in store as we continue to offer our best service to you and your bicycles.

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