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Beat the heat - caring for your eBike battery.

books and guides for ebike battery
There's plenty of info available for lithium eBike batteries.

Most eBikes in the North American market are powered by a lithium battery. Lithium batteries offer a lot of advantages including more power, longer life, and recharging ability, compared to other types of batteries. These batteries to tend to cost more than other types and it’s a good idea to care for your bike’s battery to get the most out of it.

Even with a great manufacturer’s warranty, abuse of a battery, and even neglect, can void a warranty.

With our local temperatures breaking records it’s a good reminder to be aware of the proper temperature for use and storage of your eBike battery. Your user manual with have some instruction on the temperature range best for your battery and how to transport/store your battery for best results. Many batteries have high temperature tolerances, sometimes above 110⁰ F or more. Keeping your eBike in direct sunlight or storing the battery in an enclosed car can get above these temperature limits and may cause damage or change the performance of the battery.

Manufactures, such as Bosch, offer systems checks by technicians, or Shimano STEPS, have apps that include battery check and performance. If you are unsure if your battery has been exposed to extreme temps, and/or you are noticing a change in performance you may want to check your system or visit your local certified tech.

You may notice changes in performance or even see an error code on your bikes screen, or battery when using your bike in temps outside the system limits. I own a Tern eBike with a Bafang mid-drive system. When I leave the bike in freezing temps, or ride during hot temps (above 100⁰ F) I have received an error code and the bike shuts down. If I wait a little while I can restart the bike and continue, but I find it’s best to bring the battery inside rather than leave it on the bike when I park it in very cold or hot temps.

Steps, like bringing your battery inside when you stop for a while and keeping it at close to room temperature (approximately 68⁰ F) can reduce surprises on your bike ride and help the longevity of your battery and bike system.

Bafang lithium eBike battery
Some information can be found on the battery.

Technology continues to improve these systems and it’s worth checking a manufactures website for any battery/system FACs and information, or just ask us here at Pedalworks and we will be happy to answer any question, guide you to resources, or work to find the answers you need.

Here is a link to Bosch’s eBike battery page with tons of information: Bosch eBike batteries

EBikes are just beginning to grow and become popular locally, and just like the regular checks and maintenance on your non-eBike, a few steps can keep your bike running well and last for years.

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